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For everyone:

Designed by Reichel/Pugh, the Melges 14 is a modern single handed one-design that exudes innovation and excellence, with the ability to sail with two.

  • With its large and open transom, there’s never a need to bail. 
  • The carbon mast and boom complement its flexible sail plan with three rigs: Gold, Blue and Red.
  • It’s easy to move it around on a custom Melges 14 dolly, and can be car-topped it or towed it behind any vehicle.
  • The Melges 14 is fast becoming a one-design fleet for the masses, with boats in North America, Europe, Asia and now.. South Africa,

The Melges 14 is a perfect beach boat, family sailboat or a one-design racing platform. It’s speed, quality, durability, comfort and fun, are all wrapped into one dynamic sailing package.


The design:

The boat preserves the distinctive Melges look: square knuckle, flat and narrow entry, wide side decks, and a lot of volume aft for controlled planing. “Our focus was on making it feel good upwind and, to be easy and user-friendly.” 

The result is a very clean cockpit, only interrupted by hiking straps that are entirely necessary. There’s plenty of room for two people, so when having all the fun to yourself gets old, you can grab a friend and share the stoke.

  • It does not take a lot of wind to get the new 14 really moving, and the all-up weight is under 55 kg.
  • Maximum beam is 1.584m, but this includes the ergonomically contoured “wings” that are there for hiking power.
  • Infused-epoxy and PVC-cored hull.
  • The daggerboard trunk is below the cockpit sole and the rudder is able to retract.
  • The cockpit sole is above the DWL and the transom is open, so the boat is self-bailing and the sections aft are gently arced.
  • A bridle-type traveler for the mainsheet leads forward to a block on the sole just aft of the daggerboard trunk.
  • All other sail controls are lead aft to within easy reach of the skipper.
  • The carbon mast and boom complement its flexible sail plan with three rigs.
  • The 14’s mast tube is tied into a structural brace inside the hull, which distributes loads to prevent step failure.

Three Melges sail types:

Everyone can sail the Melges 14. By simply interchanging the carbon mast tip, you can modify the Melges 14 to best fit you — easy and really fun for all. 

  • Melges Red:This sail is ideal for Melges sailors with weight ranging from 34 - 55kg. It's a great way to get light sailors on to the Melges. 
  • Melges Blue:The Melges Blue sail size is perfect for sailors in the 56 - 80kg. range.
  • Melges Gold: Big and fast, yet easy to de-power if needed! The Gold Melges 14 sail is ideal for sailors ranging up to 113kg.

Click here to view the different sails and details.

The main is fully battened. Sail controls include cunningham, outhaul and vang only, with the vang tail extending straight from the vang cleat, and the outhaul and cunningham controls split outboard to cam cleats. The leads are proper and the hardware specced perfectly.



Specs and Brochure:

Length: 4.267m
Beam: 1.584m
Weight: 51.7kg
Sails: Red (For Smaller Sailors): 5.46 m2
Blue (Mid-Range): 7.4 m2
Gold (Full-Range): 9.1 m2
Crew: One to two

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