Safety Equipment:

Whether you are using your craft for day trips on an inland lake or planning ocean crossings, we stock the necessary equipment, from Category "A" all the way to Category “R” for both motor and sailboats.

Our equipment includes:

  • Life jackets and personal flotation devices (manual and automatic)
  • Life rafts
  • Flares
  • Anchors
  • Flags
  • Capsize bottles
  • Hand bearing compasses
  • Signalling mirrors
  • First Aid kits
  • Emergency rations

Our brands:

logo cometlogo Pains Wessex


Need a simple GPS or a fully functional nav station? Talk to us about your requirements.

Years of experience and keeping up to date with this equipment, ensures that we can supply you with the right product for the right job at the right price.

Our equipment includes:

  • GPS’s
  • GPS/Plotters
  • Fish finders
  • Sonars
  • Autopilots
  • Radars
  • VHF/SSB radios
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronic maps
  • Weather routing software
  • Marine Audio Systems

Our brands:

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Come into our shop and you will find an extensive range of boat fittings. Texwise can provide fittings to order for any boating application from the smallest dinghy to the largest super yacht. With extensive experience on the water, our staff will ensure that you leave the shop with the correct fitting for your boat.

It is important to remember that parts may look similar without necessarily having the same application or price. In certain instances you can happily get away with a low cost fitting but, in others, especially where the fitting is exposed to large forces and line speeds, investing a little more will be money well spent.

Our equipment includes:

  • Cleats
  • Winches
  • Blocks and pulleys
  • Main and Genoa sheeting systems
  • Steering systems
  • Anchor windlass
  • Guard rails
  • Hatches
  • Port lights
  • Stoves and fridges
  • Plumbing
  • Interior lighting
  • Snaps, hooks and shackles
  • Hinges and locks

Our brands:

logo BG Boat Partslogo Ronstanlogo Harkenlogo Lewmarlogo Marine Techlogo Nuova Radelogo Osculatilogo Railblazalogo Spinlocklogo Rulelogo Whalelogo PSPlogo AAA


A fundamental part of a sound boat is its rig. It is crucial that a mast is set up correctly and the rig regularly maintained so as to avoid failures.

There are many different types of rigs that are commonly used in both dinghy and yacht applications. Each requires careful set up to get the best out of it. At Texwise a full range of rigging terminals, swages and standing rigging are available to complement your mast, whether it is a simple cruising rig or a hi-tech multi-spreader carbon fibre racing rig.

With the wealth of experience at Texwise, in both the cruising and racing environment, you will be offered the right advice in getting the best from your boat and tuning it correctly. Rake and pre-bend may be terms most often used in racing circles but any boat will enjoy better performance once the rig set up has been optimised. In fact, certain rigging mistakes can put excessive pressure on masts and can jeopardise the crews' safety.

Most standing rigging is made to order at the Texwise premises in Strijdom Park and meet the most stringent safety standards. Installation is done by our highly experienced staff, resulting in a professionally-tuned rig.


Our brands:

logo Bluewavelogo Hawk Marinelogo Marinetechlogo AAA


Sheets, halyards and warps are just some of the names given to different ropes on a boat and for each application a rope with a particular set of characteristics is needed.

For instance, a halyard should generally have low stretch characteristics, but a warp must be able to stretch. The performance requirements are different for racing and cruising boats. Texwise will identify your exact needs and provide you with the right rope in the right size at the right price.

Hi-tech ropes may seem very expensive, yet their strength, stretch and abrasion resistance put them way ahead of other types. However, it is not necessary to use it in all applications, if a cheaper polyester rope can do the job.

Ropes are available in different colours, braids and fibre options, and we can splice virtually any type of rope.

A yacht using the correctly specified ropes will be more efficient and enjoyable to sail.


Our brands:

logo Sothern Ropes

Cleaning & Maintenance:

A modern-day boat is a piece of complex engineering, and like any piece of complex engineering it needs plenty of tender love, care and maintenance. You can’t treat your boat like any old tub and expect her to live for long; she needs a soft touch every once in a while.

Getting into a routine of cleaning, inspecting and maintaining your boat on a regular basis is the best way to ensure you get the maximum amount of hours from her. Left neglected, your boat’s lifespan will diminish dramatically, and the time you do spend aboard will be blighted with problems or crises that could’ve easily been avoided.

Choose from our wide range of cleaning, paint and protection products.


Our brands:

logo International Paintslogo Starbrite logo Flood SA


Foul weather gear (or oilies) is the first defence in keeping the elements at bay, and Texwise stocks top quality gear from Ronstan dingy smocks all the way to the Musto MPX Gore-Tex offshore clothing as well as many other popular brands. Foul weather gear is made from both breathable and non-breathable fabrics. If your needs are fairly modest then it is possible to be happy with a budget oily but the added comfort provided by breathable fabrics can not be over-emphasised

To stay warm you can also choose from our wide range of fleecy inner wear, that helps wick moisture away from the body and maximises comfort and warmth.

Sailing boots, deck shoes and sailing gloves are an essential part of every sailor's wardrobe, and you will find the all right gear whether you are hanging out on trapeze or lolling on deck. The array of fashionable footwear is an excellent place to look for a gift for that special sailor in your life (perhaps yourself?)

The list of available clothing includes:

  • Inshore, off-shore and ocean wet weather gear
  • Wetsuits
  • Intermediate layers
  • Boots, booties and deck shoes
  • Gloves - short finger and long finger
  • Sunglasses
  • Caps and fleeces
  • Guard rails

Our brands:

logo Mustologo Ronstan

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